Duo Defense

Quarterly Duo Defense Pest Control

Our customers’ highest approved service is our quarterly DUO DEFENSE service. We customize your service plan to fit YOUR home!

On the initial visit, your technician will arrive in a clearly marked Northwest Exterminating vehicle and uniform. He will introduce himself and talk to you about any specific concerns or challenges you might be facing. After consulting with you, your technician will evaluate your home and surrounding areas. The technician will then determine the best scope of service which will include a triple barrier band of protection around the perimeter to address pest problems and harborages areas. This service is GUARANTEED!


Only four treatments per year.


Seasonally adjusted service program, specific to your home, for the best results year around.


If you see bugs between services, we’ll send a technician FREE OF CHARGE, to treat those pests.

Defending your home

The desert southwest is full of unwanted desert critters, including scorpions, spiders, ants, roaches, and much more! That is why an ongoing protection program is so important for you and your family!

We believe pest control for residential homes requires more than just a one size fits all approach. Many homes located in the desert southwest come with unique challenges to their specific location and surrounding environment. Call now to request that one of our State Certified Inspectors provide you with a FREE INSPECTION of your home. They will listen to your specific pest concerns and then make recommendations for service based on your individual needs.

Northwest will defend your home from pest activity all year long. Involving both inside and outside service, we can customize a program to best fit your needs. With our team of highly trained technicians and experience, our Duo Defense service is the best way to ensure you won’t be battling any major infestations. Northwest technicians will perform a quarterly service at your home and if you see any bugs in between services, we will send a technician to your home, FREE OF CHARGE, to treat those pests!

The Northwest Exterminating team has been identified as essential workers continuing to service and protect your property against unwanted pests. READ MORE