Sentricon Always Active

Sentricon was first introduced to the market in the fall of 1995 and Northwest Exterminating started our relationship with Dow Agro Sciences in May of 1997 offering the cutting edge monitoring product to our customers here in Tucson. Over the years like most things Dow Agro Sciences continued their research and product development and in 2011 Always Active was introduced. This significantly changed Sentricon making it more effective and creating an environment where termites have immediate access to the bait.

The above video explains in detail how Sentricon works and what makes it so effective. The research and science behind Sentricon speaks for itself.

However what you may not already know but is equally important is that experience with the system and the manner in which it is serviced can greatly impact its effectiveness.

With over 19 years of experience servicing Sentricon in our area we are experts in managing and caring for the systems and documenting our findings. We are one of Dow Agro Sciences longest tenured clients and their largest provider of Sentricon in the state of Arizona as well as the Western US. Not only do we believe firmly in the Sentricon system and the science behind it but with retention rates higher than the national average we know our customers believe in it too.

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