Tucson Weed Control

Providing Treatment for Tucson Weed Control

Northwest Exterminating provides ongoing weed control for residential and commercial properties throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona. Our variety of large-capacity application equipment means no project is too big.

Monthly weed control appointments provide the most effective control and suppression.  With consistent appointments from Northwest Exterminating, we can eliminate weeds and prevent them from growing back around your office building, retail store, manufacturing complex, government facility or home.

  • Pre-emergent weed control is an application that stops weeds before they start.
  • Post-emergent weed control is an application that kills existing weeds.
  • Soil sterilents stop all weed growth for long periods of time (restrictions apply).
  • Maintenance service agreements and extended warranties are available.

Pre-Emergent Application

  • Liquid application
  • Low to no odor
  • Non-staining
  • Safe on existing plants
  • Restricts weeds from germinating (will not kill existing weeds)

Post-Emergent Application

  • Rain-fast as soon as product dries
  • Absorbs into leaves, stems and roots
  • Effects on weeds will take 3-7 days
  • Product is only applied on weeds
  • Topical treatment
  • Blue dye will fade away within 3-4 days

If weeds are well developed, physical removal may be your first course of action. Remember though that this is only a temporary solution. The physical removal of weeds can be tedious, so that is why Northwest Exterminating is here for you!

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