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Northwest Exterminating started in 1990 as a Pre-Treat Company for new construction. It was started after a national company decided they no longer wanted to do Pre-Treatments and one of their employees, started the business with taking over the renewals of that company and agreements with builders. The company grew over the next 10 years due to the efforts of the original owners, Rod and Betty Elliot, and some employees of whom are still employed today. One of those employees includes the second and current owner of the company, Chad Berg.

30 Years of Highlights

NWE has secured its position in the industry as one of the top companies in the country. Northwest is consistently reported by the National Pest Management Association in the Top 100 Pest Control Companies in the United States, a high industry point of recognition. Other notes of recognition that are highly valued in the pest management industry are being recognized by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) as a Quality Pro company and Green Pro service provider. Quality Pro companies have proven to hold high standards of pest management and Green Pro service providers have a program certified by the NPMA as being an eco-friendly, responsible approach to pest management.

Our weed department became the first to become certified to service buffel grass projects in Arizona in 2013 by the Southern Arizona Buffel Grass Coordination Center and taking on large projects to eliminate this invasive weed species. The termite department is consistently credited by Dow Agro to be one to the top Sentricon (termite baiting system) providers in the country. The Pest Control Department Team derived of three divisions: Residential, Commercial and Specialty has specific recognitions to be highlighted.

NWE became a partner with Copesan in 2012 expanding the Pest Control Commercial services to now include national accounts. The commercial team now provides service statewide and in Southern California primarily in Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

The Specialty Service Division also has been accredited as a Bed Bug Free provider, the only Arizona company receiving this honor by Bed Bug Central for upholding best pest management practices outlined by the NPMA for bed bug control. All employees servicing bed bugs or providing inspections for bed bugs must go through NEW bed bug training called Northwest Sleeptight to ensure consistency, professionalism, and successful treatments.

The Residential Division continues to be the largest residential service provider in Southern Arizona including providing the NPMA recognized Green Pro service called our Saguaro Program or the Adobe Program.

Northwest Exterminating is a dedicated company with an elite team of employees with high standards of practice and an unmatched work ethic to deliver quality pest control solutions to customers.


Bed Bug Free!
Better Business Bureau
Entomological Society of America
Green Pro Certified
Arizona Office of Pest Management
Quality Pro
Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center

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