What Our Clients Are Saying


We have had NW for many years, some of their service techs have been better than others. I want to say our current guy is the BEST! Please keep him as our tech, it seems whenever we get a good tech, you guys promote them to “other services”. Please don’t take him away from us! We really like him! He’s very good, he’s been trained very well and he’s very thorough. We want to keep him! Please take note!
~ Aidea S.

Before opening the doors to my new business in Tucson, we called Northwest Exterminating. Regina Villa took great care of everything for us! Thank you, Regina and Northwest Exterminating!
~ Dan M.

Northwest Exterminating has done an exceptional job while taking care of my home for any type of pest issue. Their technicians have some of the best customer service we have dealt with. They communicate well with us and do not hesitate to execute the service with any special request we have. Not only are the technicians helpful, but their office staff is available whenever I call or email and receive a quick response. There has never been an issue that they have not been able to deal with. Highly recommend this locally owned and operated company!
~ Lucy M.

We had a new problem and when we called they were very nice and informative. Everyone from the person answering the phone, the technician and even the accounting person were friendly and kind. They had no trouble answering any and all questions we had. When Randy came out to exterminate, he was patient and helpful to explain all questions and concerns and even explain how and what he would be doing. Very respectful and definitely very dependable. I would very much recommend them for future needs. Thank you so much.
~ Dez B.

Northwest Exterminating is a great company providing full services in Pest, Termite, and Weed control. They have knowledgeable field technicians that are efficiently trained to perform the job well. The office staff is ready to assist with customer needs in a professional manner. I would highly recommend Northwest Exterminating to anyone looking for a Pest Control company.
~ Josh E.

Great customer service, results are impressive.
~ Jayy G.

Very prompt, professional service and they back their warranty 100%. Highly recommended!
~ Jenna O.

My parents just had their home treated by Northwest. From the beginning, with the Inspector Chuck that came to give the estimate, Nanette on the phone, or Tony and Roman that came to do the actual work we have been very pleased with their service.
~ Elinor G.

Excellent technicians! Great service.
~ Stephen R.