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Northwest Exterminating provides pest control services to Tucson and Southern Arizona. We specialize in controlling the pests that are found in Arizona's unique desert environment. We promise personalized service and state of the art techniques for all your exterminating needs. Any Pest, On Time, Guaranteed

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September | Carpet Beetles

These small, oval insects less than 1/8 to 1/4 inch long can be solid black or mottled in color. Females lay eggs in secluded, dark areas near food sources. The eggs hatch in 1-3 weeks with larvae molting 5-12 times over a 3-36 month period. The pupa stage lasts 6 to 24 days with the adult taking up to 3 weeks to emerge. Larvae consume animal based materials like wool, insects in stored products, and seeds; while adults feed on pollen. They are mainly found indoors hidden in carpet fibers, stored products, by baseboards or windows with small irregular holes being a sign of feeding.
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Northwest Exterminating is the largest locally owned and operated pest control company in Southern Arizona. A qualified and licensed pest management professional for over 20 years. This makes us uniquely qualified to control pests that are found in Arizona's desert environment. We understand the nature of pests, the extent of the infestation, and the work necessary to solve the problem. Our systematic approach has enabled us to develop strong working partnerships with our customers and to provide them with lasting pest control solutions. Our experienced, trained, and certified technicians are supported with the latest equipment and products, which ensure that they can handle any pest problem. We guarantee professional personalized service, with state of the art techniques for all your exterminating needs.